Taking Off

Last year, I was fortunate enough to begin working for the American Birding Association. This should not come as a grand surprise to anyone. I have been involved with this organization for years and have always been deeply committed to their mission and goals. However, what might be a surprise is the role that I was hired to play.

North American Birds is about as venerable and respected as a publication in the birding world can be. It is the journal of ornithological record for North America–a repository for everything we, as birders, observe in our time in the field. How populations change, are there new hybrid populations appearing; basically, if it has to do with bird status and distribution, it has probably found its way into the hallowed pages of NAB. This is the publication I now find myself at the helm of, alongside fellow birder, Tom Reed.

I have a great deal of thoughts on what this means for me, for NAB, and American birding-at-large. But for now, turn to some thoughts I shared in this recent profile published by Washington College, where I am now entering my final semester as a student: https://www.washcoll.edu/live/news/10662-taking-off

Good birding!